Sara Sayer Studio Story

I create charming nostalgic illustrations which speak to your memories and connections. Full of warm, colourful touches my work evokes a joyful emotional response. Peaceful and serene, each piece of art is a friendly thing to live with.

At its heart my work always seeks to celebrate your precious memories, places and feelings. By creating a touchpoint in the home to express creativity I can help to honour your own personal and unique stories.

“I’m loving your Art, you are wonderful and your work is so Joyful!” – Eva

I work from my home studio in the attic of our victorian home by a beautiful park in the market town of Bedford England. I have 2 rescued cats who keep an eye on what I’m up to and really are the bosses around here.

Happy generous and expressive brushwork creates a rich feast of colour and texture to get lost in. Focusing on flowers I create paintings which celebrate the variety of form, character and hue in the botanical world. Created as a meditation on the beauty of flowers, may they serve you as a touch point of joy in your home.