Advertising & Editorial

College briefs:

Tinder dating App sponsors a night at the movies for 2, to coincide with the launch of the 3rd instalment of the 50 Shades of Grey sagatinder movie triotinderskylineArticle and front cover for the story of Cassini’s mission to Saturn focussing on the human achievement at the heart of it all.

front page a3
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creative review cover
An illustration and editorial piece making use of the visual play between a decorating brush and a thatched roof to bring a story to life which shows how our home environment influences growth

creative review sheets

French’s brand relaunch campaign – College brief

frenchs booklet

Working from Observation to Insight to fix a manifesto for French’s brand relaunch, a plan for 3 activations to ignite brand awareness targeting UK Millenials- a digital competition, a food truck offering and Grillstock festival presence.

Scroll through below to see the booklet produced to explain the campaign to French’s board.

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April fools advertising campaign for Habitat – an imagining of the best ever sofa, one which literally gives you a hug!landscape adhabitat4

Brand guidelines for the Toothfairy. A tongue in cheek look at a magical creature exploring layout, brand identity and styling.ballerina1spread