Cornflower card Language of flowers card - Sara Sayer
back of Cornflower card Language of flowers card - Sara Sayer

Cornflower Mini Card

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Deep blue Cornflowers featured on a delightful mini card, a symbol of "Hope" in the Victorian Language of flowers. 
Cornflowers a pure and wonderful blue wildflower, and this illustration of them features the flowers in a coordinating blue Hornsea mug.
Part of my Language of Flowers series Cornflowers are flowers of Summer and are joined in the garden by Poppies, Sweetpeas and Peonies which also feature in this range.

300gsm textured eco paper and vegan inks.
Blank inside for your special message, this card is suitable for a great variety of occasions.
Paper closure- no plastic wrap.
The "Hope" symbolism of the Cornflower is detailed on the back.
Dainty A7 size. (74 x 105 mm). Pure White recycled envelope.