Cowslip card Language of flowers card - Sara Sayer
back of Cowslip card Language of flowers card - Sara Sayer

Cowslip Mini Card

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A symbol of "Adventure and Fun" in the Victorian Language of flowers, here we have a delicate and sustainable Cowslip mini card.
These cheerful yellow Cowslips are arranged in a lovely white with retro flower motif mug from the 1970's.
Cowslips are flowers of Spring and are joined in the garden by Violets, Bluebells and Cherry Blossom which also feature in this range.

300gsm textured eco paper and vegan inks.
Blank inside for your special message and suitable for many occasions.
Paper closure- no plastic wrap.
The "Adventure and Fun" symbolism of Cowslips is detailed on the back.
Dainty A7 size. (74 x 105 mm). Pure White recycled envelope.