Brimstone Butterfly card - Sara Sayer
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Brimstone Butterfly Mini Card

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This card features a hand-illustrated male Brimstone butterfly with his distinctive acid yellow wings which is easily camouflaged with wings closed on leaves as the underside is a dull green. The female is a pale green creature.

The caterpillars of the Brimstone butterfly feed on Buckthorn which is a common but poisonous to humans, hedgerow shrub so look for the Brimstone at woodland edges and hedgerow verges.

This listing is for a delicate greetings card featuring our native Brimstone Butterfly. Why not add take a look at the other butterflies in this collection, like the Red Admiral and Orange Tip?

A delicate greetings card featuring our native Brimstone Butterfly.

300gsm textured eco paper and vegan inks.

Paper closure- no plastic wrap.

Dainty A7 size.