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Silver Studded Blue Butterfly Mini Card

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This listing is for a delicate greetings card featuring my original illustration of our native Silver Studded Blue Butterfly. A beautiful bright blue butterfly with distinctive metallic spots on its underwings hence its name, Silver studded. 

Spotting the Silver Studded Blue butterfly is tricky but if you head to the south coast or coastal East Anglia you have a chance. Look amongst the heathlands of heather and gorse in summer for flitting blue, and look out for its lime green caterpillar in the same place in the spring.

Why not add take a look at the other butterflies in this collection, like the Brimstone and Small Tortoiseshell?

A delicate greetings card featuring our native Silver Studded Blue Butterfly

300gsm textured eco paper and vegan inks.

Paper closure- no plastic wrap.

Dainty A7 size.